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Azurite wrapped with stainless steel wire. It is adjustable and waterproof.  Azurite is a complete emotional cleanser, ever ready to tie up all those dangling threads of anxiety, worry, and scattered thoughts – gifting your mind a much-needed Marie Kondo sort out. It shines a light on all the corners of your soul that could do a touch of healing and provides strong support and softness of being to help you tackle this with compassion and inner truth. For all those who struggle when it comes to standing up for themselves and speaking their mind or those who feel they bend over too far backwards for others, Azurite is an amazing gem for helping you stand in your own power and shaking off the shackles of guilt and people-pleasing behavior. Anything that isn’t serving you any more is pushed aside by the healing energy of Azurite. Fears and phobias can be cut out from you bring Azurite into your life. Not only will Azurite give you the inner strength to face your fears, but it helps your heart to do all that unraveling to get to the root of the cause.