Gypsy Soul

Ytala Chacon

Ayahuasca Art was founded by Ytala Chacon. This company started with a dream, to travel around the world, experience different cultures, learn about medicinal plants and have a real contact with this mystical and sacred plant ‘Ayahuasca’.

This spirit of travel and exploration has always been in me, I had to wait to finish college to start this adventure. (02/02/2004)
The mystic, the spirit, Mother Earth, balance, love are the basis of my work, which I’ve learned over the years in my travels.

During my trip learned to juggle, dance with fire, temporary and permanent tattoos, learned many techniques for make crafts , I studied jewelry in Colombia; the energetic and spirtual known world, the use of medicinal plants.

After many years of traveling around South America (Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil) and some states of North America (Florida, Oregon, Los Angeles, Nevada) I arrived to the wonderful and heavenly Hawaiian Islands. In Hawai’i, I learned the concept of ALOHA (Hello, Bye, Love, represents the spirit of the Hawaiian) and OHANA (family) that made me stay in love with this culture.

Fusing the mystique of the Andes, the art of the Incas with Aloha Spirit of Hawai’i. My dream Ayahuasca Art was formed into a company, rather a small business.

Known as Ayahuasca connect with Mother Nature, I felt her spirit, understanding many mysteries of life and also felt her pain so bad that we are trying. I want to break that cycle and do something good for her and the converter in my inspiration ….. Mother Earth is my inspiration. I got the mission of making art in balance with Mother Earth, where each pieces is made with ecologically harvested natural products.

I have for you a range of jobs ranging from minimalism to elaborate pieces. Most of my pieces are unique for people who are looking for something different, original, having a touch of spirituality, wisdom and love.

I am a daughter of the sun, the heir of a great culture, I come from the land of the Incas – Peru.