If you want to see my unique pieces in person, you can find me in some of the most spectacular public events around the Hawaiian Islands.  I would love to meet you and help you create an amazing piece to complement your style and personality.

FEB 3 2017

Waikiki Block Party                                                                                                                     Saturday: 4PM - 10PM       

MAY 5 & 6 2018

Waikiki Surf Contest at Duke Beach                                                                                     Saturday: 8Am - 4PM                                                                                                         Sunday: 8AM - 4PM

JUNE 23 & 24 2018

 Surf Fest at Duke Beach - Waikiki.
 Saturday: 8AM - 4PM 
 Sunday: 8AM - 4PM

JULY 7& 8 2018

Hawaiian Team Classic at Duke Beach - Waikiki 
 Saturday: 9AM - 5PM
 Sunday: 9AM - 5PM


When I have not at public events, I will be  around of the  beautiful beaches of the North shore of Oahu showing my jewelry out of my mobile store. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @ayahuascaart so that you can be connected every day with the adventures of this traveling girl.